Sunday 8 December 2019


Whenever a celeb voices an opinion about the Great Leader his Twitter warriors go into overdrive.  If it's an endorsement then of course the trending hashtag is full of gushing tributes no matter the level of talent or hypocrisy.  If the individual comes out against Corbyn then naturally they are scum and are vilified in every conceivable spiteful way.  Corbyn's public mantra of 'kinder, gentler politics' has never really filtered down to his supporters.

On Friday night the name #AlexJames began trending.  James was the bass player in one of Britain's most successful 90s bands, Blur.  They couldn't attack him for any perceived lack of talent, so they launched class war vitriol.  Following Blur's split, James made his name as a cheese connoisseur and has his own supermarket brand.  His rural lifestyle is anathema to the metropolitan elite from which Corbyn draws his fan base.  "Posh boy", "Tory cheese man" and "cheese nonce" were just some of the insults amid a sea of Twitter hate.  Funny, but the same people throwing the muck probably have nothing but adoration for the other middle-class members of Blur.

Singer Damon Albarn had a Glastonbury meltdown following the EU referendum and has consistently moaned about Brexit ever since.  Guitarist Graham Coxon makes no secret of his love of Labour on his Twitter account, while drummer Dave Rowntree is an actual Labour councillor in Norfolk.  They've clearly made the right choices according to the mob, but the truth is that for Corbyn's devotees it's actually perfectly ok to make cheese on an Oxfordshire farm as long as you share their love for the Great Leader.  Hypocrisy is rife in the metropolitan London elite of Corbyn's Labour.

L-r:  Labourites Coxon, Rowntree, remoaner Albarn and Alex James