Monday 9 December 2019


In the event of a Labour win on Thursday the four Great Offices of State would be occupied by London MPs.  However, we've only seen two of these top dogs during the election - Corbyn and McDonnell.  Those who would be Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary have been relegated from national media.  Both Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry are renowned for their car crash interviews, but Labour is also concerned about the growing realisation in their traditional heartlands that it is now the 'Party of London'.

Most Labour constituencies returned a Leave vote in 2016, the working classes voted Leave and Wales, the Midlands and the north of England voted Leave.  Now millions of Labour voters in those regions are being told by the metropolitan London elite now running the party that they were wrong and they should vote again.  Worse still, senior London figures like Abbott and Thornberry are adamant that whatever deal is negotiated by Labour, they would back the status quo.  This does not go down well in Labour Leave areas and has riled many Labour activists too.  Thornberry even changed her Facebook wallpaper last month to reflect her unapologetic Remain stance.

While many comments on this image are positive, many are not and reflect hostility towards Lady Nugee.  These comments are clearly not all from anti-Labour trolls and their profiles reflect this.

"Appalling self-servitude and a betrayal of the millions who desperately need a REAL Labour government, I didn’t vote in the referendum as I couldn’t see a positive outcome either way, but pushing Corbyn out of the way will be the undoing of the labour movement, and that’s what you’re doing Emily"

"A stance like that is against policy and frankly unnecesary. A best-fit Labout deal of a SM and CU will not be voted for by arch brexiteers, and remainers want to remain still anyway. So neither will vote for it. You must know why are you deliberately undermining Corbyn's position? Rapidly going off you. Surely not a Chukka Mk2?"

It's not difficult to see why she's been relegated from the national campaign, but therein lies another indication of how unfit Labour are for government.  Those who would occupy two of the highest offices in the land are being hidden away from public view.  If they are a liability in opposition, how can they be trusted to govern?