Wednesday 4 December 2019


Jeremy Corbyn appeared on ITV's This Morning on Tuesday and it was another bad-tempered interview in which he lost his rag over anti-Semitism.  Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are not famed for their hard-hitting political interviews, but they easily got under Corbyn's skin.  Asides from Corbyn's Jewish problem, they tabled some awkward questions relating to the NHS, how he would fund his utopia and whether or not he could keep our nation safe.  Bizarrely they left out Brexit altogether, despite this being the 'Brexit election' and Labour Leave voters up in arms over the party's anti-Brexit policy.

After a major wobble in the middle, by the end of the interview Corbyn had regained his composure and departed our screens as a cuddly old grandpa speaking warmly about his notebook, albeit even that sounded somewhat sinister.  We've released our own version of the interview on YouTube, but below is the unabridged version.