Friday 13 December 2019


It's fair to say Labour got thumped, but how many of our most unwanted list actually got binned?  Last week we conducted a poll on our Facebook page and asked our supporters which one MP they'd most like to see lose their place on the gravy train.  Sadly, only three Labour MPs among the top twenty actually lost their seats, although most of the survivors saw their majorities slashed.  Non-Labour MPs Soubry, Chuka and Grieve did say farewell to Westminster.

1)   Anna Soubry - 234 votes (our prediction - gone)

Gone!  She finished a distant third in Broxtowe behind Labour and the Tories.  To add insult to injury the Tory candidate increased the Conservative majority from her 863 to more than 5,000.

2)   Diane Abbott - 231 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  Diane had a huge majority and she still has, albeit reduced by 2,000.

3)   Yvette Cooper - 137 (our prediction - under threat)

Safe!  Nearly, but not quite enough.  Her 14,499 majority was slashed to just 1,276.  Some have blamed the Brexit Party for her survival, but in actual fact they took thousands of votes off Cooper, not the Tories.  The Tory vote actually went up, while Cooper's plummeted by 11,000.

4)   John McDonnell - 103 (our prediction - likely safe)

Safe!  But he haemorrhaged more than 7,000 votes, halving his majority.

5)   Emily Thornberry - 65 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  She lost more than 3,000 votes, but still has a big majority.

6)   Dominic Grieve - 52 (our prediction - gone tomorrow)

Gone!  Finished an impressive second, beating Labour into third, but he was almost 16,000 behind his Tory replacement.

7)   Ian Blackford - 37 (our prediction - under threat)

Safe!  Despite many Tory and Labour voters switching to the Lib Dems in an attempt to unseat him, Blackford increased his majority by more than 3,000.

8)   Jess Phillips - 35 (our prediction - likely safe)

Safe!  Loudmouth Jess only lost a couple of thousand votes, but the Tories gained and slashed her majority by 6,000.  However, she still has a commanding majority of more than 10,000.

9)   Dave Lammy - 32 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  Still has a huge majority, albeit more than 4,000 votes lighter.

10) Hilary Benn - 15 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  Brexit blocking Benn saw his majority reduced by more than 4,000, but his Remain constituency comfortably re-elected him.

11) Laura Pidcock - 12 (our prediction - under threat)

Gone!  'Future leader' Pidcock was spectacularly binned as the Tories gained North West Durham for the first time in its 134 year history.

11) Barry Sheerman - 12 (our prediction - under threat)

Safe!  His majority was more than halved as all the other parties increased their vote.

11) Chuka Umunna - 12 (our prediction - gone tomorrow)

Gone!  Now a Lib Dem, Chuka ditched his Streatham constituency and stood in the Cities of London and Westminster.  He leapfrogged Labour into second, but the Tories extended their lead.

14) Richard Burgon - 11 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  All the other parties increased their votes in Leeds East, while Dickie's majority was more than halved.

15) Barry Gardiner - 10 (our prediction - likely safe)

Safe!  Expenses cheat Barry saw his majority slashed from 17,061 to just 8,079.

15) Angela Rayner - 10 (our prediction - likely safe)

Safe!  Her majority plummeted from 11,295 to just 4,263.

17) Dennis Skinner - 9 (our prediction - likely gone)

Gone!  The Barnacle had held this seat since 1970, albeit his majority had shrunk over the years.  The Tories had never won Bolsover in its 79 year history, but Skinner was toast and saw two of his ambitions go up in flames.  His defeat meant he lost the opportunity to become Father of the House (after Ken Clarke stood down) and also the record of being the oldest serving Member of Parliament.

18) Naz Shah - 8 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  One of the few Labour MPs to see her majority increase.  Of course it helps when your constituents vote twice and even the dead ones vote at least once.

18) Keir Starmer - 8 (our prediction - safe as houses)

Safe!  Had a huge majority, so he could afford to have it shaved by 3,000.

18) Anna Turley - 8 (our prediction - under threat)

Gone!  She was defending a 9,485 majority, but the Remainer bit the dust as Redcar went blue for the first time its 45 year history.

18) Karl Turner - 8 (our prediction - under threat)

Safe!  But only just.  His 10,396 majority plummeted to just 1,239 as the Brexit Party took thousands of votes from Labour, just not quite enough to turn the seat Tory blue.