Tuesday 31 December 2019


On election night the hard left Twitter mob that were enthralled and empowered by the rise of Corbyn wept all over their keyboards and iPads.  Corbyn moped for a wee bit himself, but quickly returned to the same daft shit that had just seen his party humiliated.  He would cling to power for a bit longer while his deluded loyalists worked out how to secure the party into the 2020s and decimate the party electorally even more than it is now.  One such Corbynista is George Aylett, a young Labour activist who has built up a big following on Twitter, but when facing the actual electorate in 2015 came third behind UKIP (he never stood again after that).  George is a typical lefty keyboard warrior who wrapped himself in the false security of his surroundings and thought that retweets and Corbyn rallies indicated an election win.  A caller to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty called out his delusion on Monday.