Friday 6 December 2019


A Devon rapper has released an epic take down of Jeremy Corbyn.  Exeter-based Charlie Rowe, aka 'Crowe', appears in a very funny promo video that accompanies the track.  Entitled "Rhyme Minister (Corbyn Diss Track)", the video was filmed on location in London and if these photos are anything to go by it looks like they had a hoot.

As you can see the video portrays three of the party leaders, but while Boris and Nigel are waving the Union flag, Jeremy is draped in the EU flag.  The track opens with a Nigel Farage sample (!), while the lyrics attack all things Corbyn, primarily the way in which Labour would crash our economy.  Watch the hilarious music video below. 

Crowe has told us that more projects are in the pipeline and will appear on his new YouTube channel - Crowe TV - where he will rap about relevant news topics, aided by team members Alastair Chambers and Andre Walker.  You can also follow his antics on Facebook and the tune itself is available via Spotify and iTunes to follow.

Crowe has kindly sent us his lyrics and they are reproduced in full below.  

Rhyme Minister (Corbyn Diss Track)

Nigel Farage intro: 

Funny isn’t it 
Funny isn’t it 
Funny isn’t it 
Isn’t it funny 


Look who’s talking 
Mr Corbyn 
Shame on you if you still supporting 
Big business he’ll rinse them all an 
Which only means more unemployment 

Taxes risen 
Debts are soaring 
The Bank of England 
Have started calling 

So listen to me 
It’s most important 
And save this country 
From crash and falling 

Verse 1:

Labour's falling 
Ya plans are stalling
Ya can’t afford em supports abortion proceed with caution
1.2 trillion endorsement
How you gonna pay for this s*** now CORBYN?
First you up taxes then it’ll be organs 
You stuck in the days of the black board chalk an 
Rich Tea biscuits custard creams an bourbons 
This Labour Party kick the door I’m crashing 
Still no Brexit MAKE IT HAPPEN 
I know ya getting old with your SLOW REACTION
Worthers Original in ya chair relaxing 
Jeremy / I don’t like your energy 
Ya don’t like the Jews
Well that ain’t friendly you the enemy 
Yeah that’s what they telling 
Don’t even care if this rap is the end of me 
I’m backing Boris 
There’s no alternative 
I’m just being honest 
You want the UK to accomplish 
So don’t let Corbyn in the office 
Cuz if you do we will abolish 
This whole country uh that I promise 
The Rhyme minister ain’t just a novice 
So here we go let’s sing the chorus

(repeat hook)

Verse 2:

Ya got tricked by a kid 
At ya own event 
An ya signed at the bottom 
With ya favourite pen 
It said I support terrorists 
I consent 
You got fooled by a kid in school ya grown men 
Half of ya politics don’t make sense 
You a greedy guts 
You’re gonna over spend 
Build my business up I plan to ascend 
Then you come along an' take 10% 
So many of ya MPs have resigned 
It’s okay old man ya losing your mind 
Yeah an I heard all about you & Abbott 
At it like rabbits 
Left ya socks on
That’s a bad habit
Sex tape locked up safe in the cabinet 
An' guess what I got the key 
You ain’t having it 
You’re gonna ruin this country 
Lend to much money 
Spend it on rubbish 
Leave the people all Hungry 
If you was in power 
Number 10 on Monday 
I'm with Lord Sugar 
I'd be gone by Sunday 
So please people don’t vote 
You need to think of ya children future and and hope 
They won’t Cope if this man pushes his plans 
And gains control 
Crowe 1 Corbyn 0
I just thought you ought to know...uh Oh

Nigel Farage outro:

Funny isn’t it 
Funny isn’t it 
Funny isn’t it 
Isn’t it funny

(repeat hook)