Saturday 1 May 2021


Like mainstream media, big tech has maintained a steady flow of pro-lockdown propaganda throughout the pandemic.  Tweets and Facebook posts carry persistent 'fact-check' warnings if people dare to post anything about the virus or the vaccines, while some have been censored or even banned from platforms.  Australian celebrity chef Pete Evans had his Facebook page deleted altogether in December for 'sharing misinformation about coronavirus'.  An Instagram ban followed two months later.  Evans, who had 1.7 million followers, had shared conspiracy theories related to the virus.  While they may be distasteful to many, suppression of speech is a dangerous trajectory.

In March Facebook removed a group entitled 'Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects'.  The group had more than 70,000 members.  When people searched for the group on Facebook, the algorithm returned the official page for Bill Gates at the top of the list.  Top trolling by Facebook or something more sinister?  Things like that start conspiracy theories.

In addition to trampling over criticism of lockdowns or vaccines, big tech continues to promote the 'new normal'.  Saturday's Google 'doodle' features the Google letters masked up and receiving a vaccine.

Google has in the past celebrated the lives of dead communists via its doodle, so expressing tacit support for ongoing mask mandates at a time in which the virus is in retreat across the West will come as no surprise to many.  With at risk groups vaccinated and the virus at almost historic lows in spite of lockdown easing, it is time to end this pantomime.  The mask mandate must go and liberty must be restored or taken back.

Please join us on Gab and Parler, where freedom and liberty is respected, not trampled on.