Wednesday 1 May 2019


A minimum of 6,967 signatures were required for this petition to be successful (or 10% of Peterborough's electorate).  A whopping 19,261 signed, almost three times the amount required!  This means Fiona Onasanya is the first MP in history to be sacked as a result of a recall petition.

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A very interesting Parliamentary by-election will now be scheduled.  Peterborough returned a 61% Leave vote in 2016 and the Brexit Party has already announced it will be contesting the seat, as will UKIP.  Last time it was very close, with only four candidates standing and just 607 votes in it...

2017 General Election

Fiona Onasanya (Lab) 22,950
Stewart Jackson (Con) 22,343
Beki Sellick (LD) 1,597
Fiona Radic (G) 848