Tuesday 14 January 2020


The rather aptly named Baroness Hayter has attacked the Brexit Bill in the House of Lords, branding the government's approach "stupid" and "arrogant".  The Labour life peer told colleagues that the bill was being "rammed through" with January 31st fast approaching.  Of course we know what her party would have preferred and what Jeremy Corbyn is still hopelessly trying to inflict - yet another delay.  It's almost a year since we were due to leave and we have seen Brexit delayed not once or twice, but three times already.

People are sick of Brexit blocking politicians and last month disabled Labour's ability to frustrate the process.  It's going to happen now and the only arrogance being shown is the complete disdain and contempt the likes of Hayter have consistently shown for the electorate.  Then again, she herself has never been elected to any level of government in her entire life - not even a local council!