Saturday 11 January 2020


Failed Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen appeared on the BBC's Politics Live on Friday and excelled in hard left denial.  Poor Faiza was so convinced she was going to unseat Iain Duncan Smith that when the ballots began piling up on election night she literally recoiled in horror.  She's clearly still very bitter, but blaming her leader is not on the agenda.  It was the media you see - they undid our unbelievable campaign, but I still did great in Chingford having bucked the downward trend of the losers around me - a 1.3% swing to Labour - I more or less won that seat!  Faiza is a prime example of the arrogant hard left millennial morons empowered by Corbyn and cushioned by the Twitter bubble of socialist delusion.

Faiza continued to represent the cause admirably when she was asked about the lack of patriotism in Corbyn's Labour.  She reacted with an eye roll and a smirk, as every good socialist should when that hideous word is spoke out loud.  As she rambled on and digressed into attacking Brexit, co-panellist David Goodhart grimaced and did the unthinkable - he interrupted this incredibly privileged and conceited individual to speak a piece of his mind.  She initially tried to resist his impertinence, but was eventually overpowered by his patriarchal fascism and gave host Jo Coburn the kind of knowing look that said 'oh dear, there appears to be a gammon-faced racist in the room'.  Then the painfully limp-wristed Rory Stewart began to speak and thankfully he was cut short in the following clip...