Friday 10 January 2020


Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips have all crossed the threshold of 22 nominations and will join Keir Starmer in the next stage of the leadership contest.  150 MPs and MEPs have now nominated their preferred candidate, with 72 still up for grabs.  However, the strange saga of Barry Gardiner has been brought to a close with the expenses cheat inevitably backing out of a late run.

"I am now clear that at this late stage I cannot secure sufficient nominations to proceed to the next round.  I have therefore decided not to stand for the leadership at this time".
(Barry Gardiner)

Talk about the bleeding obvious.

Clive Lewis appeared on the BBC's Question Time last night, but failed to impress and his nominations remain languishing in single figures.  Lady Nugee is up to ten, but it's unlikely she will make the cut.

Keir Starmer - 64 nominations
Rebecca Long-Bailey - 26
Lisa Nandy - 24
Jess Phillips - 22

Emily Thornberry - 10
Clive Lewis - 4

On the deputy leadership front there has also been plenty of movement with Ian Murray joining Angela Rayner in the next stage.  Khalid Mahmood has officially withdrawn from the contest having admitted he cannot obtain enough nominations.

Angela Rayner - 71
Ian Murray - 29

Richard Burgon - 18
Rosena Allin-Khan - 16
Dawn Butler - 14

Khalid Mahmood - 3 (withdrawn)