Thursday 16 January 2020


Keith Vaz isn't the only ousted MP making a swift return to politics this week.  Former Labour MP Laura Pidcock has been appointed by her pal Richard Burgon to run his campaign for deputy leader.

Pidcock was earmarked as a 'future Labour leader' by her hard left admirers, but last month saw her 8,792 majority evaporate.  She spent little more than two years on the Westminster gravy train before her Leave-voting constituents kicked her out and turned North West Durham blue for the first time in its 134 year history.  Totally out of her depth and completely discredited she will be right at home in daft Dickie Burgon's camp.

North West Durham 2019 general election

Richard Holden (Con) 19,990 (41.9%) +7.5%
Laura Pidcock (Lab) 18,846 (39.5%) -13.3%
John Wolstenholme (Brexit) 3,193 (6.7%) New
Michael Peacock (Lib Dem) 2,831 (5.9%) -1.2%
Watts Stelling (Ind) 1,216 (2.6%) New
David Sewell (Green) 1,173 (2.5%) +1.4%
David Lindsay (Ind) 414 (0.9%) New

In other news Momentum have now officially endorsed Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner.  This comes as no surprise considering they were the only names on the online ballot of members!