Saturday 25 January 2020


The second Labour leadership hustings was originally due to take place in Durham.  Following internal uproar over the snub to Yorkshire, the hustings schedule was shaken up and the roadshow instead rolled into Leeds on Saturday.  Well, the deputy leadership did - the main event was cancelled after-all.  With Keir Starmer having suspended his campaign due to a family emergency, the main leadership husting was cancelled.  The deputy leadership husting went ahead as planned.

If you're struggling to figure out which one - if any - of the four remaining leadership contenders might pose a threat to Boris, spare a thought for the party members who attended this pathetic display.  The depths to which the modern party has sunk has surely never been laid so bare than it has with this desperate bunch of individuals parading in front of the faithful.

In the absence of the main hustings this was everybody's opportunity to play to a much bigger audience.  Angela Rayner - favourite and currently only candidate through the ballot - was incredibly cocky about her place in the final stage.  It's hard to believe that she stood aside for her pal Long-Bailey as she is not deputy material, let alone worthy of leadership.

Ian Murray continued to capitalise on the fact he's the only Scottish voice, both in the leadership elections and the Parliamentary party.  As the incredibly long campaign drags on, this will grind very quickly.  Probably the biggest winner on the day was the least known candidate - Rosena Allin-Khan.  The best of a bad bunch, she put the home candidate to shame.  Leeds boy Richard Burgon could have appealed to the wider membership and deliver a message of unity, but in keeping with his braindead philosophy he played to the hard left bubble.

The cringeworthy Dawn Butler is very much the 'Emily Thornberry' of the deputy campaign, albeit even more incompetent if that is even possible.  At one point she embarked on a rant about the MPs who tried to oust Corbyn in 2016, reeled off how loyal she had been to Corbyn and finished off by referencing Wes Streeting's earlier criticism.  She looked to Burgon as she did so, but what followed was a bitter spat in which Dickie lashed out at Dawn insisting he was the only candidate on the podium who could claim undying loyalty to Corbyn.  That Corbyn had just overseen such a diabolical election result and two candidates were arguing over loyalty points to a complete loser says everything about this party right now.

The Butler-Burgon spat is around 35 minutes in...

Revised leadership hustings schedule

Sat 1 Feb - Bristol
Sun 2 Feb - Cardiff
Sat 8 Feb - Nottingham
Sun 9 Feb - Dudley
Sat 15 Feb - Glasgow
Sun 16 Feb - London
Sat 22 Feb - Bedford
Sun 23 Feb - Durham
Sat 29 Feb - Brighton

Whoever is organising these dates desperately needs a map of the UK.  Glasgow and London in the same weekend?  Bedford and Durham?  Shambles.