Wednesday 29 January 2020


Lisa Nandy appeared on James O'Brien's LBC show today for a half hour 'grilling'.  This was a more grown-up exchange compared with O'Brien's jovial and giggly Jess Phillips interview two weeks ago.  He began the interview by suggesting Nandy had entered the contest without any expectation of actually winning it.  Nandy responded with a dig of her own:  "I didn't start plotting the path to power at nine years old", a clear reference to Jess Phillips and her childhood desire to be PM one day.  Ouch.

What followed was a very good analysis by Nandy of how Labour has been haemorrhaging working class support and also a damning indictment of the left-wing Twitter bubble.  This was a very good interview and further proof that the dark horse in this election is probably the candidate the Tories fear the most.  And of course the glorious truth is that the stronger she performs in the coming weeks, the more likely she will split the moderate vote enough to give Long-Bailey the win.  As O'Brien himself pointed out during this interview, Momentum are "more interested in controlling the Labour party than it is in controlling the country".