Saturday 4 January 2020


The odds on favourite for the Labour leadership officially entered the contest on Saturday evening.  Keir Starmer launched his campaign with a video clearly aimed at dispelling the common perception of him as an elitist Londoner.  Narrated by someone with a thick northern accent, the video portrays him as a lifelong defender of the workers, a defender of the environment and an opponent of the Iraq War.  However, the video is undone by the appearance of the man himself at the end of it.  The shrill monotonous tone of the London barrister with the charisma of a house brick doesn't exactly put fire in the belly of Labour activists.  His hard Remain stance is not going to win back the north either.  The favourite in this race is just another loser in the making.

The following candidates have now declared their intentions to run.

Clive Lewis
Lisa Nandy
Jess Phillips
Keir Starmer
Emily Thornberry

There remains a key absence - the continuity Corbyn candidate.  Some on the left are rallying around Ian Lavery to stand instead of Long-Bailey.  There will be plenty of discussions in hard left circles over the coming days on how best to 'stop Starmer' and maintain control.  Either way, Labour lose.