Sunday 19 January 2020


"The fear of racism or the fear of so-called Islamophobia must never be an excuse to allow under-age girls to be raped and abused in this way".  That's just one of many quotes from a blistering monologue delivered by LBC's Maajid Nawaz today.  Unlike the mainstream media and their persistent and inaccurate description of grooming gangs as 'Asian', Nawaz was not restrained from telling it exactly how it is.  Coming from a Pakistani Muslim background himself, he had no hesitation in condemning his own community for the industrial scale rape of English youngsters.

"Don't tell me that their Muslim identity had nothing to do with this.  I have lived and breathed this community all of my life.  I can guarantee you that it's not the cause but a factor in the way in which these girls was treated was the culture of these men and as part of that culture is their religious attitude towards non-Muslim".
(Maajid Nawaz)

Calling for a national inquiry to be held, at one point Nawaz directly addressed the "woke left" and did not hold back.  Watch below.