Tuesday 21 January 2020


Keir Starmer is the first Labour leadership candidate to officially make it through to the ballot after receiving the backing of three affiliated bodies.  Angela Rayner has also qualified for the deputy leader's ballot via the same routh.  The final stage of qualifications currently in process is rather more complicated than the initial Parliamentary stage.  Candidates must now gain nominations from 33 Constituency Labour Parties or be nominated by three affiliated groups, two of which must be trades unions.

The GMB union is expected to announce who it is backing later today, with its nomination expected to go to either Starmer or Nandy.  Four of the leadership candidates pitched for the GMB nomination at a hustings event this morning.  The absence of Jess Phillips from the hustings has led to feverish media speculation that she is going to withdraw from the contest.  She is currently trailing in last place with zero nominations, had a nightmare hustings debut on Saturday and is expected to make an announcement this afternoon.

The deadline for nominations is February 14.  This is the current state of play in both contests.

Leadership election

Keir Starmer:  12 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified)

Rebecca Long-Bailey:  4 CLPs + 1 union affiliate
Lisa Nandy:  0 CLPs + 1 union affiliate
Emily Thornberry:  2 CLPs
Jess Phillips:  0 CLPs

Deputy leadership election

Angela Rayner:  11 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified)

Richard Burgon:  2 CLPs + 1 union affiliate
Dawn Butler:  2 CLPs
Ian Murray:  2 CLPs
Rosena Allin-Khan:  1 CLP