Thursday 16 January 2020


Lisa Nandy was grilled by Andrew Neil yesterday and floundered somewhat on her approach to Brexit.  While she is the least pro-Remain of the five candidates, she is still a Remainer and confirmed during the interview that she wanted freedom of movement to continue post-Brexit.  This led to a confusing exchange in which she eloquently put across very good reasons why her Wigan constituents opposed freedom of movement, but she was going to ignore them anyway!  It was an attitude like this that saw her majority more than halved in last month's election from more than 16,000 to less than 7,000.  It's an attitude that shows regardless of whether Labour elect a northerner or a southerner - they are going to struggle to retake ground lost in their old heartlands.

Wigan 2019 general election

Lisa Nandy (Lab) 21,042 (46.7%) -15.5%
Ashley Williams (Con) 14,314 (31.8%) +3.3%
William Molloy (Brexit) 5,959 (13.2%) New
Stuart Thomas (Lib Dem) 2,428 (5.4%) +3.5%
Peter Jacobs (Green) 1,299 (2.9%) +1.3%