Thursday 9 January 2020


Labour is almost halfway through the first stage of the leadership contest - nominations from MPs and MEPs.  Each candidate must garner at least 22 nominations to proceed to the next stage and have until 14:30hrs on Monday to hit that target.  Keir Starmer has already romped home, but the other five are all lagging miles behind with Clive Lewis and Emily Thornberry almost certain to fail.

Keir Starmer - 42 nominations
Rebecca Long-Bailey - 19
Jess Phillips - 16
Lisa Nandy - 14
Emily Thornberry - 4
Clive Lewis - 2

97 of the 212 MPs/MEPs have currently endorsed candidates, but bizarrely Barry Gardiner has suggested he might yet enter the race.  The news was broken by Newsnight journalist Lewis Goodall who alleged that Gardiner had been asked to run by Unite leader Len McCluskey.  Red Len has rubbished the story and also denied that he has any reservations about the continuity candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey.  Gardiner told Victoria Derbyshire last night that he was indeed considering a late entry and when asked what he could offer that the others couldn't he boldly declared that he could "win a general election".

Expenses cheat Barry had better get his skates on and make a decision either way, otherwise there won't be 22 nominations left to chase.

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