Saturday 4 January 2020


Jess Phillips has become the third Labour MP to throw her hat in the ring for the party leadership.  She follows Emily Thornberry and Clive Lewis into the fray, although with more candidates expected to follow and barely 200 MPs to nominate them it's likely that one or more may not get on the ballot paper.  Jess should have little problem in that regard, with several moderates already pledged to her cause.  She launched her campaign on Friday evening in a blaze of publicity and a campaign slogan of: "Speak truth, win power".  This coming from a woman who is not just Westminster's biggest narcissist, but probably its biggest phoney too.

During her campaign she will highlight two of her perceived traits.  Firstly, her laughable claim to be a feminist, despite never having said a word about the national scandal of Muslim grooming gangs - not to mention her infamous Question Time appearance in which she belittled the rape victims of Cologne.  Secondly, her supposed 'salt of the earth' working class roots.  Best not mention your education Jess, or the fact that your parents were hardly factory workers.

Corbynistas have responded to Jess's announcement with trademark vitriol, and yet while they've always accused her of being 'Blairite scum', Phillips herself claims to have left the party during the Blair/Brown years.  Do we smell more bullshit Jess?