Wednesday 15 January 2020


Survation have carried out a leadership poll of Labour members and given Rebecca Long-Bailey a 5 point lead over Keir Starmer, with a 2 point lead in the run-off.  The poll of 3,835 members was conducted between 8-13 January, with first preference votes as follows.

Rebecca Long-Bailey 42%
Keir Starmer 37%
Jess Phillips 9%
Lisa Nandy 7%
Emily Thornberry 1%

Don't know/did not answer 4%

The same poll has Long-Bailey leading Starmer 51% to 49% in the final run-off.  This differs markedly from the last poll, conducted by YouGov last month.  In that poll Starmer had a huge lead over Long-Bailey in the final run-off - 61% to 39% - although the sample size of 1,059 was much smaller.

The Survation poll will be a huge boost to Long-Bailey and the hard left, having watched as Starmer becomes increasingly seen as the runaway favourite.  Meanwhile, a 'team photo' emerged this afternoon showing Long-Bailey and her pal Angela Rayner.  She doesn't look very leader-like, while Rayner looks like she's off out on the razzle in this bizarre graphic posted by Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

Long-Bailey had begged Momentum to back Rayner for the deputy's position and the organisation has now written to its members making such a recommendation.  Long-Bailey clearly has some clout with Lansman and co, although many Corbynistas will be supporting hard left loon Richard Burgon in the deputy leadership contest.