Tuesday 14 January 2020


Chris Williamson has come under fire from somewhat unexpected quarters over his persistent Jew-bashing.  The former Labour MP has been particularly incessant of late, lashing out repeatedly against the Board of Deputies of British Jews via his Twitter account.  Williamson has been triggered by their ten point pledge to drive out anti-Semitism and the fact Labour's leadership candidates have signed up.  Mild mannered Ed Balls, who had followed Williamson on Twitter, finally cracked.

Williamson hit back at the former Shadow Chancellor, telling the BBC:  "I've spent my life fighting racism, I'm not going to take lessons from the likes of Ed Balls".  He was apparently referring to Labour's infamous 'controls on immigration' mug that angered the left in 2015, notably Diane Abbott.  Williamson has tweeted eleven times in the last two days about the Board of Deputies and Israel.  He's clearly obsessed and has written off any chance he has of ever rejoining the party.

Handbags at dawn between two losers - an anti-Semite and an expenses cheat.  Balls lost his Morley & Outwood seat in the 2015 general election.  Williamson stood as an independent last month and embarrassingly came last and lost his deposit.  He must have been highly regarded by his constituents!

Derby North 2019 general election

Amanda Solloway (Con) 21,259 (45.2%) +0.8%
Tony Tinley (Lab) 18,719 (39.8%) -8.7%
Greg Webb (Lib Dem) 3,450 (7.3%) +2.7%
Alan Graves (Brexit) 1,908 (4.1%) New
Helen Hitchcock (Green) 1,046 (2.2%) New
Chris Williamson (Ind) 635 (1.4%) New