Saturday 18 January 2020


This is the hashtag being used by actor Laurence Fox to mock his detractors on Twitter.  Following his infamous appearance on the BBC's Question Time he's been inundated with abuse from leftist keyboard warriors, but he's taken them on in style.

Retweeting your troll to a much wider audience is a tactic deployed by many celebs and can lead to the troll themselves being trolled.  Bullies and cowards are generally only able to hand out abuse and cannot take it, often deleting their tweet and/or account when faced with a backlash themselves.  Fox won several of his Twitter battles this way.

He also had a final dig for the woke university lecturer who picked a fight with him on the show itself.

Note that in her tweet she identifies as 'black', which of course she is entitled to do.  Except that she's not, in the same way Meghan Markle isn't black.  With their pale skin and flowing locks it's an absurd suggestion and one might argue that to deny one side of your parentage based on race is in itself racist.  Just saying.

Anyway, Lily got involved in the Fox saga on Saturday...

The lack of self awareness on display from the singer here is astonishing.  Is this the same Lily Allen who constantly forces her woke left-wing opinions on the rest of us?  Is this the same Lily Allen who is the daughter of two famous actors?  Pot, kettle, black.  Perhaps given her semi-literate outbursts and foul mouth she should stick to singing!

As for Fox's awesome hashtag #stunningandbrave, it comes from the title of an episode of the satirical US show South Park.  The episode in question mocks the increasing authoritarianism of political correctness.  How very apt.