Tuesday 28 January 2020


We're almost halfway through the second stage of the epic Labour leadership election and there are currently two candidates through to the leadership ballot and one for the deputy ballot.  There's still no place on the leadership ballot for the continuity Corbyn candidate, but she is expected to qualify (at some point).  Thornberry's place is less certain, although she finally picked up a nomination from north of Watford this week - Rushcliffe CLP in Nottinghamshire.

The deputy contest as it stands would need to go no further as currently only Angela Rayner is on the ballot.  She's likely to face at least a couple of challengers, but predicting the final ballot is tough.  The hard left candidate here is much less popular than Long-Bailey, but one would expect Burgon to qualify.  The race baiters will be keen on Dawn Butler progressing, otherwise they'll decry wacism.

To qualify candidates for both posts require either 33 nominations from Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) or 3 nominations from Labour affiliate groups, two of which must be trade unions.

Leadership election

Keir Starmer: 48 CLPs + 4 affiliates (qualified)
Lisa Nandy: 11 CLPs + 3 affiliates (qualified)

Rebecca Long-Bailey: 21 CLPs + 2 union affiliates
Emily Thornberry: 4 CLPs

Deputy leadership election

Angela Rayner: 48 CLPs + 5 affiliates (qualified)

Richard Burgon: 7 CLPs + 2 union affiliates
Dawn Butler: 10 CLPs + 1 non-union affiliate
Ian Murray: 6 CLPs
Rosena Allin-Khan: 4 CLPs