Monday 13 January 2020


On nomination deadline day Emily Thornberry and Richard Burgon breathed a collective sigh of relief as they limped over the threshold with minutes to spare.  There was probably an element of surprise for Lady Nugee as she still required nine nominations with an hour to go and was made to sweat in the last few minutes as she reached the lofty heights of 21, still one short.  Two last minute backers meant she ended on the same as Jess Phillips and all five proceed to the next round (Clive Lewis withdrew from the contest 35 minutes before the close of nominations.

Richard Burgon started the day in last place in the race for deputy leader.  However, he hilariously tweeted that he would happily stop campaigning for nominations if he reached the magic number of 22 and would instead ask MPs to nominate lesser candidates ie. Dawn Butler and Rosena Allin-Khan.  As it happened they didn't need his 'assistance' as both reached the target hours before he did.  Tit.  With Burgon securing the bare minimum of 22 nominations the hard left ensured they have a candidate in each contest progressing to the next round.

Leadership election

Keir Starmer - 89 nominations
Rebecca Long-Bailey - 33
Lisa Nandy - 31
Jess Phillips - 23
Emily Thornberry - 23

Clive Lewis - 5 (withdrew)

Deputy leadership election

Angela Rayner - 88
Ian Murray - 34
Dawn Butler - 29
Rosena Allin-Khan - 23
Richard Burgon - 22