Friday 17 January 2020


One of Corbyn's new hard left MPs appeared on Robert Peston's show this week and gave a rather cringeworthy account of herself as she likened Westminster to the world of Harry Potter...

Perhaps Nadia was just showing her age, after-all she is the new 'baby of the House'.  At the age of 23 she has succeeded the SNP's Mhairi Black as the holder of the title.  Whittome has admirably pledged to donate more than half her salary to charity, but we know only too well that MPs say one thing prior to their election and then once on the gravy train it's another matter.  The aforementioned Mhairi Black suggested prior to the 2017 election that she would stand down at the next election.  She not only stood again, she was re-elected a second time last month!  Pigs at the trough indeed.

Nottingham East 2019 general election

Nadia Whittome (Lab) 25,735 (64.3%) -7.1%
Victoria Stapleton (Con) 8,342 (20.9%) -0.8%
Robert Swift (Lib Dem) 1,954 (4.9%) +2.3%
Chris Leslie (Change) 1,447 (3.6%) New
Damian Smith (Brexit) 1,343 (3.4%) New
Michelle Vacciana (Green) 1,183 (3.0%) +1.2%