Tuesday 3 March 2020


It's 'Super Tuesday' in the US with 14 states choosing their Democratic candidate to challenge President Trump in November's election.  Although the final nominee is not decided tonight, whoever triumphs on Super Tuesday generally goes on to become the nominee.  Currently in the lead is the communist Bernie Sanders, often likened to our own Jeremy Corbyn.  Although he masquerades as a 'democratic socialist' there is little doubt of just how far to the left he really is.  There isn't a communist regime in the world he hasn't expressed admiration for.  Sound familiar?

Not surprisingly all the Corbynistas here are backing Bernie, just look at this fawning display from hard left Labour MP Zarah Sultana...

Note how her little video ends - "Standing up for Coventry South".  Exactly how travelling all the way to the United States to campaign for Bernie Sanders would be 'standing up' for her West Midland constituents is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, in the actual US Bernie invited a 'comedian' to explain his 'democratic socialism'.  Sarah Silverman reckons that Americans should thank Bernie's brand of socialism for everything from the fire service to the transport network.  If he did win the nomination and then somehow defeat Trump in November we'll see if Americans are still appreciating all those things to the same degree in four years time eh, Sarah?

By the way dear, like most things apple pie is not 'American'.