Tuesday 24 March 2020


Femi Izawally

EU fanatic Femi Izawally has had his membership application rejected by Labour.  The Remain campaigner spent three and a half years trying to overturn the Leave mandate, becoming a regular fixture on broadcast media and building a huge social media following in the process.  Having failed miserably in his primary objective and struggling for a new venture, a week after Brexit Day he announced that he had "joined the Labour Party".  In a follow-up tweet he said that it was the best thing he could do "to support other opposition parties", having suggested that his aim was to push Labour into electoral reform and an electoral pact.  Yes lad, because in a party of half a million people your voice will be the loudest.  Such arrogance would surely be welcome in the far left madhouse of today's Labour, but sadly for Femi his incessant tweeting became his own downfall and his application was thrown out.

Imagine  having already wasted three and a half years of your life on a lost cause and then being rejected by a bunch of losers like the Labour Party?  Naturally, Femi responded by spitting his dummy out on Twitter.

Poor lad, last night he was crying over the closure of McDonalds and now this.  What will become of him now?  The UK has left the EU, his cause has been lost.  His back-up plan, to use Labour as a vehicle to further his egocentric career, also lies in tatters.  Will Sir Keir come to the rescue?  Will he join the Lib Dems and sink into obscurity?

Who cares?