Monday 16 March 2020


It's likely that your local supermarket has turned into a mental asylum where the inmates are running amok.  This wholly irrational mass hysteria is driven, in part, by social media platforms and their billions of worldwide users.  For every bog roll hoarding lemming in Tesco there's a moron on Facebook or Twitter punching the keys equally robotically and without thought or reason.

So you have all these people acting irrationally and then you have Jeremy Corbyn's barmy brother, Piers Corbyn.  The conspiracy theorist and former Labour councillor has decided, rather matter of factly, that coronavirus is the work of billionaire globalists...

Corbyn appears to have arrived at these 'facts' on the back of a YouTube video.  He ends his tweet by calling on everyone to refuse the coronavirus vaccine.  For clarity, there isn't one.  If the scientists are to be believed a vaccine could be a year away.  According to Piers, this will provide the killer blow or 'population cull'.  Wouldn't it have been more efficient and less time-consuming for these 'mega-rich control freaks' to have created a more deadly virus in the first place?

Secondly, one of the chief tenets of globalism is the free movement of people across the globe and an end to national sovereignty and borders.  Freedom of movement has allowed the virus to attack every single country in the Western world, but as a direct consequence free movement is being curtailed and borders shut down.  Did they not think this through, Piers?

For an appreciation of just how deranged Corbyn is, check out his Twitter account.  Some of his views are so extreme that when he tried to rejoin the Labour Party under his brother's leadership in 2017 he was blocked.  Like his younger brother, Piers appears to have never had a proper job.  After his lush upbringing he spent much of the 1960s and 70s in university and in between studies indulged in Trotskyist politics.  In the 1980s he joined the Labour Party and served one term as a councillor in Southwark.  After this he earned a living from betting on the weather (yes, seriously).  Using his knowledge as an astrophysicist he reportedly made a few quid out of this.

Last December he faired less successfully as an election pundit, having been asked for his forecast for the general election...

Piers appeared again on election night as the full scale of his brother's humiliation was unfolding.  He repeatedly attacked Boris Johnson's Brexit, stating his preference to a WTO Brexit, while at the same time waving around a copy of the Labour manifesto that offered no Brexit at all.  Watch below.

If Jeremy Corbyn does slink back to the relative obscurity of Westminster's backbenches, his brother clearly has no intention of bowing out so quietly.