Saturday 21 March 2020


Hampden Square Pharmacy in London

Following on from the disgraceful scenes in wholesalers and supermarkets up and down the country has been the rise of the profiteers.  From independent pharmacies and corner shops to eBay sellers, these unscrupulous individuals are exploiting the pandemic to make a quick buck for themselves.  If they thought people were going to take this lying down they have been sorely mistaken.  The public are already incensed over the panic buying hysteria that has left supermarket shelves empty, but now some of that gear appears to have found its way into smaller shops and is being sold on at inflated prices.

Anger is growing and numerous videos have appeared on online in which shoppers have confronted the profiteers.  Some of the clips below contain very strong language.

Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton

West Midlands (possibly Wolverhampton)

Newcastle-upon-Tyne city centre

Canons Park Newsagents, Edgware, London

Market Fresh, Croydon

Other stores are being named and shamed all over social media and rightly so.  We must remember these stores long after this crisis has faded and make sure we never give them our custom.  This Lib Dem councillor in Derby has a similar message...

In addition to naming and shaming these stores, they should also be reported to local trading standards.  Profiteering is illegal.  You can find your local trading standards office by using the search engine here.  Before you do so please ensure you have as many details as possible about the business responsible, including name, address, product/price details and any video/photographic evidence you have.