Friday 6 March 2020


Last month Keir Starmer visited a primary school in his Holborn & St Pancras constituency and fielded a Q&A session from the pupils.  The visit was filmed, edited and used as a campaign video.  Among the topics discussed was homelessness and Starmer shamefully informs these impressionable minds that homelessness wasn't a problem ten years ago.  The implication is that homelessness was eradicated by the Labour government.  Of course this is absolute nonsense.

When Labour left office in 2010 there were around 42,000 people classified as homeless in England and almost ten per cent of those were in London itself.  It's highly unlikely that none of these 4,000 rough sleepers weren't bedding down in Starmer's constituency.  It's true that homelessness was reduced overall under New Labour, although it began to increase again in 2009 in their last full year in office.

Watch below.

Obviously we have revisited the video and put our own take on it, but nothing was re-edited to suggest Starmer said something he didn't.  As he is the dullest man in politics, sections were removed for the sake of our YouTube viewers, but the original Starmer video can be found in full here.