Thursday 5 March 2020


by Richey Edwards

Crime is already out of control in many of our towns and cities.  The police in some areas do not attend burglaries and other 'minor' crimes.  The situation is such that many crimes just go unreported now, it's a sad reality of modern Britain.

Step forward the Labour party.  They are not at all interested in serious crime (Sadiq Khan a good case in point), but they are very interested in thought crime and safe spaces.  This is about control.  It's ok murder someone because you are an oppressed minority disenfranchised or held back by bourgeois society in some way, but you must not act in a way that does not conform to our political doctrine.  Remember that socialism unchecked is a gateway to communism, likewise when they start legislating for hate crime, the scope of what they designate to be hate crime will continue to expand until they control your speech and your actions.  The control of your thoughts is not off limits either and this is why hard left extremists like Richard Burgon are always talking about 'education'.  It's why the hard left are in control of schools and universities and are churning out a generation of morons who think socialism/communism is a good thing.

Yesterday Dawn Butler appeared on the BBC's Politics Live and suggested that wolf-whistling and catcalling should be outlawed (as in France), conflating somewhat trivial matters with more serious offences.  Nick Ferrari was exasperated by her views.

Ferrari not once, but twice, stresses he is not excusing wolf whistling.  This is in itself an indication to how far the left already controls our speech.  Ferrari knows that if he is perceived in any way to have condoned such behaviour he will himself face a torrent of abuse.  However, this kind of abuse would be acceptable because Ferrari would have diverged from the political narrative established by the left.  Therefore he is fair game.  Another example of what's acceptable in the leftists' world view can be seen by the treatment of Meghan Markle and Priti Patel.  Any criticism of Meghan is deemed 'racist' because we, the left, have designated her an oppressed minority.  Priti Patel can be abused in any way we see fit because she has diverged from our political narrative.

The hypocrisy is staggering.

Dawn Butler's attitude to misogyny is even more insidious.  By conflating mildly annoying behaviour such as wolf whistling with groping and even physical assault shows that once again the left is not actually interested in serious crime.  They want innocuous behaviour punished, but are happy to see actual rapists given a slap on the wrist in court.  Incidentally, when was the last time Dawn Butler (or any figures on the Labour front bench) condemn paedophile grooming gangs?  Exactly!

This is the video Dawn Butler referred to in the clip above (it's a BBC video, so it will be well within the acceptable narrative).  In it the 'crime' of catcalling is discussed alongside horrendous verbal abuse, threats, stalking of children and a woman being punched in the face.  We've seen this before.  The #MeToo movement was driven by leftist actors who conflated being touched on the knee inappropriately with actual rape.  Again, what this does is trivialise serious crime and lets real offenders off the hook.

"We must have real legislative solutions" says one of the women in the BBC video.  Must we?  Because you know what love (yes that's right, called you 'love'), our police have enough on their plate already and as we have already established - this will not stop with wolf whistling.  Once you have that on the statute books next it will be 'unwarranted eye contact' ie. men should not be allowed to look at women in the street.

It sounds daft doesn't it?  But then again, twenty years ago so did the outlawing of wolf whistling.