Friday 6 March 2020


We rarely share online petitions any more.  They are overwhelmingly futile, ignored by the powers that be and seriously - what has ever actually changed anyway?  It's been almost a year since we last shared a petition and many told us at the time that it was pointless.  That petition was for a no deal Brexit on April 12th.  It reached the required 100,000 threshold to be considered for a debate in Parliament, but we know how the story ended thereafter.

A new petition currently doing the rounds is also directed at the government, namely their refusal to release a report into grooming gangs.  By covering up the findings they're no better than the Labour councils and police forces that have aided the criminals for decades.  Last month Priti Patel reportedly demanded to know what had happened to the report, but then two weeks later the government announced that it was shelving the report as it was "not in the public interest".  Sajid Javid, who preceded Priti Patel as Home Secretary had previously said there would be "no no-go areas of inquiry".  What on earth is going on?

Perhaps this petition can help force the government's hand?  Maybe not, but it has quickly surpassed the 10,000 name threshold for which the government is required to respond.  It has also attracted publicity and anything that raises the profile of this hushed up national scandal must be a good thing.  At the time of writing the petition is almost halfway to the 100,000 threshold required to be considered for a debate.  Click on the image below to sign.