Friday 27 March 2020


It would be no great surprise if you've forgotten about this, but a week tomorrow the new Labour leader will be announced.  It's only taken them four months to get around to it, but the end is finally in sight.  Exact details of how the announcement will be made are not clear as the planned conference has been cancelled due to coronavirus.  Suggestions that it will be done 'behind closed doors' has set alarm bells ringing among Labour moderates.  The election has already been dogged by claims that ballots have not been sent to newer members ie. those who have joined since the election and more likely to vote for Starmer.  There was also the question of an email that landed in member's inboxes urging them to vote for Long-Bailey - from none other than John McDonnell himself.

The bookies are clearly not impressed by suggestions of commie-style vote-rigging as they have now shortened Starmer's odds to outlandish figures.  He's been odds-on since the turn of New Year and was 1/20 three weeks ago.  He's now at 1/66 with Ladbrokes, although several bookies have got him at 1/100.  The best odds on a Long-Bailey win is 16/1 with Genting.  The best odds on a Nandy win are 18/1 with Spreadex.  Most bookies have Nandy slightly behind Long-Bailey, but Ladbrokes and Coral have them neck and neck.

Latest leadership odds (Ladbrokes)

Keir Starmer 1/66
Rebecca Long-Bailey, Lisa Nandy 33/1

If Starmer is really this far in front would Corbyn and co dare rig it?