Sunday 1 March 2020


There was a bizarre moment at yesterday's deputy leadership hustings when one of the candidates suddenly burst into song.  Rosena Allin-Khan was told she still had 25 seconds to spare in order to answer a question and decided to fill in the time by belting out the opening verse of Cher's If I Could Turn Back Time, much to the amusement of Dawn Butler.  To be fair, she's got a cracking voice - watch below.

The latest leadership hustings were held in Brighton at the Grand Hotel.  The party held its 2019 conference at the same venue, although it is better known for a Conservative party conference.  In 1984 the IRA bombed the hotel during the Tory conference in an attempt to wipe out the government, killing five people.  Two weeks after the atrocity backbench MP Jeremy Corbyn invited two IRA members to Parliament and in 1986 he was arrested outside the Old Bailey during a protest in support of the Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.  Last year Corbyn chose to launch the party's manifesto in Birmingham on the 45th anniversary of the Birmingham pub bombings.  There is no shame in this party.