Tuesday 10 March 2020


In cult-like scenes Richard Burgon was a stiff arm away from appearing like a crazed dictator in a speech he posted to his Twitter account this morning.  Speaking in Liverpool he rolled out the same delusional rubbish that he and his hard left colleagues have been spouting since the election defeat - the Great Leader and his socialist project are completely blameless.  It was Brexit and the right-wing press that were responsible.  How does Dickie know this?  Because Labour were so close to winning in 2017 with the same leader and the same policies.

Were they really that close to winning?  This is a laughable claim to anyone outside the cult.  While the Tories lost their majority in 2017, they were still by far the largest party with 317 seats.  Labour were 55 seats behind the Tories and 64 seats from forming a majority government.  To put this into context they would needed to have gained more than double the 30 seats they actually gained in order to win the election.  Even with the SNP's 35 seats Labour would still have required a further 29 gains in order to form a functioning coalition.

To say that Labour were 'close' is such a delusional statement that only a bunch of brainwashed minions could applaud it.  Watch below (for a laugh).