Tuesday 10 March 2020


Ash Sarkar was on TalkRadio yesterday to discuss, or rather defend, Labour's suspension of Trevor Phillips.  As predicted, the Corbynistas sprang up in condemnation of Phillips with some bizarrely
suggesting that he was 'no longer black'.  TalkRadio's Dan Wootton turned the argument on Sarkar and brought up the video clip of her that went viral recently.  In the clip Sarkar mocked the declining population of native Londoners.  What ensued was a cringeworthy explanation from Sarkar that included her asking: "Are we not allowed to take the mick out of positions that we find absurd?"  Wootton had teed up perfectly for this response as one of Labour's charges against Phillips related to a joke he'd made about being 'Islamophobe of the year'.  Gotcha.