Friday 27 March 2020


Two student Labour activists were among those celebrating the news that Boris Johnson has contracted Covid-19.  Nazifa Zaman posted the above tweet minutes after the news broke.  Zaman is the deputy chair of Warwick University Labour Society.  She is also an anti-Israeli activist who took part in a demonstration last December after a former Israeli Defence Force officer was invited to speak at the university (see photo, below).

Zaman (centre, holding scarf)

Following a backlash against her tweet she locked down both her Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Among those who follow her on Twitter is the anti-Semite Labour MP for Coventry South, Zarah Sultana.

Nazifa Zaman

Responding to Zaman's tweet a short time later was Mariam Shaaban, the chair of Scottish Labour Students.  'Dua' is an Islamic prayer specifically asking God for a favour or favours.

Shaaban describes herself as a Marxist.  Her Twitter account is still public at the time of writing, but the account for Scottish Labour Students was mysteriously deleted this afternoon.

Shaaban pictured with Labour's Dawn Butler

Shaaban pictured with the Marx-Engels statue in Berlin