Monday 23 March 2020


The Prime Minister will address the nation at half past eight tonight.  This is likely to be a direct address in contrast to his daily press conference.  Tougher measures are expected, if not tonight, then in the days ahead.  Such measures will not be taken lightly by a man who values individual freedom and liberty.  Unfortunately he has been left with no choice.  The curve is a long way off its peak, even with a lockdown, but the way in which many Britons flocked to the seaside, parks and beauty spots over the weekend has made the case for a lockdown all the more poignant.

This is the stark choice facing our Prime Minister.  Does he safeguard the freedom of people to carry on as they are - including unnecessary travel, unnecessary gathering and the ability to spread the virus to every corner of our nation - or safeguard the NHS, its staff, our sick and elderly and prevent many thousands of deaths?