Tuesday 3 March 2020


Ian Lavery is another of those hapless left-wingers who otherwise would never have been let loose anywhere near the front bench were it not for Corbyn's leadership.  He's like an older, tougher version of Richard Burgon, except even less intelligent.  After Corbyn appointed him Labour Chairman in 2017 it emerged that Lavery had pocketed £165,000 from the National Union of Mineworkers.  This was a fresh allegation that came on top of an earlier lump sum of £70,000 from a miners' benevolent fund to pay for his house.  Having painted himself as a passionate defender of the miners he hates to be asked about his inherited wealth as he is bang to rights on it and is not clever enough to talk his way out like other politicians.  When Michael Crick confronted him about it during the election campaign it was quite an encounter.

As a Corbyn loyalist Lavery is backing Long-Bailey and Burgon for the leadership and recently produced this hilarious video on his social media.  He's added a comedy soundtrack to it alongside his comical delivery, but remember folks - this is not a parody, he's a serious politician!

Despite damning evidence to the contrary (the last general election result), Lavery informs us that Labour policies are "so popular with the electorate".  This has been a common trait among Corbyn loyalists since the election - blame Brexit, not Corbyn, our policies are wonderful.  Cloud cuckoo land.  Lavery himself only clung on to his seat after a recount, having watched his 10,435 majority demolished and narrowly avoiding the same fate as his Labour colleague in neighbouring Blyth Valley.  The 3,141 Brexit Party voters will undoubtedly decide his fate in four years time.

Wansbeck 2019 general election

Ian Lavery (Lab) 17,124 (42.3%) -15.0%
Jack Gebhard (Con) 16,310 (40.3%) +7.6%
Eden Webley (Brexit) 3,141 (7.8%) New
Stephen Psallidas (Lib Dem) 2,539 (6.3%) +1.6%
Steven Leyland (Green) 1,217 (3.0%) +1.3%
Michael Flynn (Christian) 178 (0.4%) New