Tuesday 3 March 2020


Eddie Izzard campaigning in 2016 alongside Labour MEPs Julie Ward,
Theresa Griffin and Afzal Khan

Labour activist, EU fanatic and half-hearted tranny Eddie Izzard has announced he is stepping back from 'comedy' and running for Parliament.  He reportedly told his audience in London's West End on Saturday: “I have made the decision to now stand as a Member of Parliament.  I am going to be an MP".  Isn't he three months too late for this?

If and when there is a by-election is he first in line for a punt?  Forgive us gran, but your party is in the midst of a leadership election, after which the party will either stay on the left (where you're not welcome) or move to the centre (more likely, but again have you made some sort of pre-arrangement with Sir Keir?)

So many questions.

This is not the first time Izzard has announced his intention to become an MP.  Back in 2011 he told the BBC he wanted to stand for office in 2020 - either for London Mayor or Parliament.  The Mayor's job is sadly taken and as for a general election, a lot has happened since 2011 and there won't be one this year.  Also since 2011 Eddie has tried three times to get elected to Labour's National Executive Committee.  However, he arrived at the party too late, opting to throw his hat in the ring after the rise of Corbyn and the hard left.  As a centrist he failed horribly in all three elections - finishing eighth in 2016, fourth in January 2018 and tenth in September 2018.

Celebrity doesn't get you a free pass everywhere, not even into the misfit Labour party.  Even if he manages to get selected for a seat, he's still got to win over the electorate and if that seat is outside the woke metropolitan Labour heartland - are voters going to be won over by a man in a pink beret, red lipstick and high heels?

Izzard campaigning in the 2015 general election