Thursday 26 March 2020


Due to popular demand we've produced a YouTube video exposé of Councillor Jo Rust's pool antics in Tenerife.  Watch below.  It will be available to share on Facebook and Twitter shortly.

At the time of writing Cllr Rust's social media accounts are still locked down (pun intended).  Her actions have been condemned as "irresponsible" by Unison, who she is employed by as a regional rep.  Her party on the other hand has refused to comment.

Meanwhile, Cllr Rust continues to play the victim.  She told her local rag the Lynn News: "I've gone from being a stalwart of the community, trying to save our NHS, volunteering at the night shelter, and organising litter picks, to somebody who receives death threats.  I certainly didn't expect that going for a swim would result in this amount of venom and hate".  She did not provide further details of the alleged death threats.

Wonder if she'll stand in the next general election after all this...

Labour's Jo Rust