Monday 2 March 2020


Things are getting pretty desperate for Labour's hard left.  They are now resorting to conspiracy theories about who is funding Keir Starmer's campaign.  The ploy was set in motion last week when Rebecca Long-Bailey published a list of major donations received by her campaign.  With the exception of Momentum all these donations were from trade unions including several from the Unite union totalling more than £200,000 (see below).

Unite Union £218,500
Momentum £119,869
Communication Workers Union £52,609
Fire Brigades Union £6,263

Once this list was published, Long-Baily's team put the onus on the other candidates to follow suit.  Another voice calling on Nandy and Starmer to reciprocate was none other than Len McCluskey, whose Unite union pumped that whopping £200k into Long-Bailey's campaign.  No coincidence.  Long-Bailey and her team know that centrist Starmer is not being funded by the likes of hard left trade unions, so this is where it's a win-win for her campaign and the far left balloon heads backing her.  If Starmer publishes his list of donors it would probably reveal sources ripe for criticism, but if he refuses to publish it leads to damaging speculation.

That's where we are now.  With Lisa Nandy having published her own list, Starmer is now the odd one out and the hard left are piling on.  They have two hashtags currently trending on Twitter - #KnowTheFacts and #DarkMoneyStarmer.  Someone has come up with a template that is designed to bombard Starmer with the same tweet (see below examples).  Once again the name Blair is thrown in, that hard left bogeyman who just happens to be the only Labour leader to have won a general election in 46 years.

This is all sheer desperation, but once again it shows that even if Starmer wins he is going to have Corbynista extremists on his back from the off.