Thursday 19 March 2020


Labour's Ali Milani has now returned to the UK from his American adventure.  The failed general election candidate has been zig-zagging across the States on behalf of hard left presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Milani has spent more than two weeks in the US campaigning for Bernie, disregarding his role as a councillor in the London Borough of Hillingdon.  Exactly how long he had originally intended to be there for is not clear.  He initially tweeted that he would be there for 'weeks', but two things have happened since then.  Firstly coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic and secondly Bernie has nosedived from a winning position.

When Milani landed in the US earlier this month, his man was leading the race for the Democratic nomination.  At that point Joe Biden had won just one of four primaries.  Then came 'Super Tuesday' and everything changed.  Not saying that Milani's a jinx, but this is how the primaries panned out during his unfortunate stay...

Alabama - Biden
Arizona - Biden
Arkansas - Biden
California - Sanders
Colorado - Sanders
Florida - Biden
Idaho - Biden
Illinois - Biden
Maine - Biden
Massachusetts - Biden
Michigan - Biden
Minnesota - Biden
Mississippi - Biden
Missouri - Biden
North Carolina - Biden
North Dakota - Sanders
Oklahoma - Biden
Tennessee - Biden
Texas - Biden
Utah - Sanders
Vermont - Sanders
Virginia - Biden
Washington - Biden

US Democratic presidential primaries delegate count (1,991 delegates required)

Joe Biden 1,180
Bernie Sanders 885