Monday 9 March 2020


Whenever David Miliband appears on the television live from New York, you know it's only a matter of time before the left start dusting off their 'refugees welcome' placards.  The pattern is always the same.  The flow begins, border countries resist the flow, numerous incidents are staged for the cameras to create sympathy, Miliband appears and activists hit the streets with their placards.

The only difference last week was that the peoples of Europe are so sick of this now that the staged events don't resonate any more.  One such incident played out for the cameras was tweeted by Labour MP Zarah Sultana along with a message that "refugees are welcome here".  Her message certainly wasn't welcome and at a time when a deadly virus is sweeping the planet the last thing we need are hundreds of thousands of people flowing across Europe, many of which will originate from virus hotspots such as Iran.  Freedom of movement is literally killing people right now.

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