Thursday 12 March 2020


The BBC's Emily Maitlis spoke to John McDonnell last night and opened with a devastating assessment of the Corbyn regime: "When you look at the last four years in opposition, you will see that you have delivered a Tory government, a large majority and perhaps the hardest Brexit you could ever have imagined".  McDonnell, in his guise as cuddly old grandad, appeared close to tears as he responded: "It's heartbreaking".  He repeated the word 'heartbreaking' twice more before Maitlis interrupted and accused him of shunning responsibility.  McDonnell then stammered horribly before launching into the same old hard left excuses that we've heard time and time again since the election. 

No John, you didn't 'nearly get into government' in 2017.  This redrawing of history can't keep going uncorrected.  Labour were 64 seats short of a majority.  That's not close.  Even with the SNP's 35 seats you still required a further 29 gains to form a functioning coalition.  Not close.  Not near.  Give it up.