Wednesday 4 March 2020


Who knew there was even such a thing as the British Kebab Awards?  Well, it's a rather prestigious gathering, apparently.  Held on Tuesday night in London the event attracted a host of senior Labour politicians including Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Angela Rayner.  The awards were also founded by a Labour politician - current Mayor of Lambeth Ibrahim Dogus.  In the general election Dogus was parachuted into Leave-voting West Bromwich East as a replacement for the departing Tom Watson.  Dogus lost the seat and it went blue for the first time.  Labour's decision to replace remoaner Tom with another remoaner - all the way from London no less - didn't help the party.  It also emerged that Dogus prints an anti-Brexit message along the bottom of till receipts at his chain of kebab shops in London (see below).

The message printed on receipts issued in Ibrahim Dogus's kebab shops

Jeremy Corbyn was at the ceremony to present an award for the second year running.  He was given a mixed response on Tuesday night and boos could clearly be heard as he stepped up.  He didn't do himself any favours as he informed the audience that he was actually a vegetarian: "My test of a kebab restaurant, because of predilection not to eat meat is, sorry about this – I can’t ignore the truth that I am a vegetarian – is that, does it contain salad and do they have good falafels?"

Watch his poorly received introduction below.

Labour MPs for Swansea East (Carolyn Harris) and Brighton Kemptown (Lloyd Russell-Moyle) were also in attendance.  The latter appeared in a video alongside a very animated Angela Rayner, perhaps having taken full advantage of the refreshments available?

Kebab shops are rooted in Turkey and have been linked to a number of grooming gangs and serious sexual assaults around the country, including the murder of Charlene Downes in Blackpool.  Other cases include Portsmouth, Ramsgate and Manchester.