Tuesday 10 March 2020


Lisa Nandy's appearance on Good Morning Britain was her first proper car crash interview of this never-ending leadership campaign.  Last month Nandy enthusiastically endorsed a 'trans' pledge sheet and Piers Morgan was keen to dissect her thoughts.  Long-Bailey endorsed the same pledges, but not Starmer.  It didn't start well for a somewhat tired-looking Nandy, the bags under her eyes suggesting that this absurdly long contest may be taking its toll, plus the fact she was probably in the studio at 6am this morning.  Having started by completely ignoring Morgan's opening gambit she went on to repeatedly avoid answering any questions directly.

Nandy:  I will not allow this to become a zero sum battle between two people...
Morgan:  But nor will you give me a straight answer Lisa.

The words 'straight answer' (and lack of one) were replicated over and over again throughout the rest of the interview as Nandy got increasingly flustered by Morgan's pursuit of a straight answer.

Nandy:  You are doing what too many people have done in this...
Morgan:  What, asking a straight question?

The question was whether someone like Usain Bolt could self-identify as a woman and compete in women's sport.  The notion is clearly absurd, but Lisa wouldn't dare agree.  The trans lobby are not only becoming a powerful voice they are also growing ever more intolerant of anyone who opposes their insidious agenda.  Only last night trans activists protested and set off smoke bombs outside a meeting of a feminist Labour group calling itself the 'Labour Women's Declaration'.  Look at what happened to former sports stars Sharron Davies and Martina Navratilova when they dared to suggest that athletes who were born males have physical advantages over female competitors.

Nandy tried to play both sides this morning (a bit like Brexit), but in doing so made few friends on either side and probably extinguished any glimmer of hope she had for actually winning the leadership.  Her arrogant assessment of how this interview would be perceived by viewers only goes to show how out of touch she is with reality.  It's goodnight from Lisa.

Watch the full exchange below.

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