Friday 20 March 2020


In the current climate it's surprising to see any by-elections taking place at all, but there was one last night.  More than 1,200 voted in Coventry, but this amounted to a pitiful 9 per cent turnout (not surprising, considering).  It was an easy hold for Labour, although their vote was down and they failed to mop up any of the support that went to the Lib Dems last time around.  The Lib Dems picked up 6.4 per cent here last year.

Upper Stoke, Coventry City Council

Lab: 639 (52.8%) -8.4%
Con: 350 (28.9%) +4.8%
Green: 120 (9.9%) +1.6%
Soc: 101 (8.3%) New