Thursday 12 March 2020


Sadiq Khan is appearing on LBC at 10am for a live q&a from callers.  He'll also be quizzed by James O'Brien, but of course that's likely to be an easy ride given their shared 'wokeness'.


The word 'crime' was not mentioned once.  It was almost exclusively about coronavirus, but somehow Khan still managed to get in a snide dig at Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey.  Discussing whether the mayoral election should go ahead in May he suggested that voters wash their hands, especially if they've just voted for that candidate.  As predicted, O'Brien was very chummy with Khan, laughing and joking in a manner that he doesn't seem to replicate when his guest is a Tory.  Funny that.  No wonder Khan chose to appear on O'Brien's show and not the slot prior to it - there is no way Nick Ferrari would have let 45 minutes pass without a single mention of crime.